Lindsey Silver

February 1, 2021
hello world!

Hello! My career path started at the age of 8 by starting a dog walking business in our Dallas, Texas neighborhood. At the age of 15 my family relocated to the bay area and I continued my career path into retail and eventually restaurants. I became an assistant manager at an English tea house where my true love of inventory began. I continued into e-commerce account management and office management, until I had my first opportunity to focus exclusively on inventory for Sage Veterinary Centers. Finally! The chance to be in a veterinary environment and truly make a difference from a "behind the scenes" perspective!

I've continued with veterinary inventory management and logistics because it's my passion. Not only because of the satisfying ebb and flow of medication and supplies, but I really feel that I've found my "tribe". I love solving problems on the hospital floor and making life easier for everyone so they can focus on what they do best.

Travel is also a passion of mine which I pursued for a year with Cubex by going to hospitals and clinics in the US and Canada full time. I consulted and taught other inventory managers on best practices, controlled drug compliance and purchasing. Now that I'm home based in San Carlos, I enjoy smothering my two cats (Elvis and Amelia), baking, knitting, drinking tea, and attending car racing events with my husband. Sometimes I drive my own car!

I'm thrilled to be a part of the Vetncare team and look forward to elevating the operations of our inventory managers so our clinical teams can continue to provide excellent patient care without interruption!