About Us

May 13, 2012
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iStock_000018973220XSmallWe believe the best quality veterinary care comes from locally managed hospitals, led by their clinical teams. That’s why we set up VetnCare in 2011 to guarantee the future of local hospitals and our belief that patient care always comes first. We enable our veterinary hospitals to retain their character and independence, but join a larger organization which offers them administrative support. Our veterinarians can focus on being vets, because we provide all the background support they need.

Our hospitals are thriving because we prioritize excellence in clinical care, client satisfaction, and staff fulfilment.

So – Why choose us?

We are pet owners and animal lovers ourselves! We understand the joys of owning a pet, and how it feels when your pet is unwell. We are dedicated to supporting you in any event.

Our veterinarians are committed to the care and well-being of your pet, not just in an emergency, but throughout your pet’s life. This ranges from routine preventative health care to the investigation and treatment of more complex problems. Our Doctors ensure the best outcome for your pet and look to build relationships with you, which are founded on openness and trust.

We pride ourselves on having the most caring team, who are highly qualified and skilled in all areas of veterinary medicine, so we can help your pet whatever their need, whenever they need it.  The teams at each hospital work with compassion and are devoted to caring for your pet, as if it were their own.

We have great online resources, so you can find out more about your pet’s ongoing health and happiness from your own home. We send you friendly reminders, via email and postcard, to help you remember when your pet needs their vaccines and any flea or worm treatment - One less thing for you to have to remember!

As always we remain resolutely committed to being ‘the best choice for your pet’!