New Graduates

Join Our Team

Join Our Team

New Graduates

Our graduate program is designed to give you the best possible start in every way - its goal is to make you an all round better practitioner, with confidence to put your knowledge in to practice.

Our Support

  • Formal 1-Year Training Program
  • Lead By Our Chief Medical Officer

What’s In It For You

  • Leading Compensation & Bonuses
  • Medical, Dental, and Vision Insurance
  • 401K Match
  • Discounted Veterinary Care
  • CE Training
  • Generous Time Off
  • FIGs Scrubs
  • Covered Practice & Liability Coverage
Find the Right Fit
A Culture of Mentorship

A Culture of Mentorship

Our company is growing, and as it does, so too does our commitment to learning and development mentorship. It's fair to say that our founder Dr Andrew Moffatt leads from the front on this goal! Andrew is passionate about being a veterinarian, and his dedication to inspire, educate and develop those around him, hospital teams and clients alike, is second to none. The VetnCare community is all about bringing together professionals who challenge and motivate one another by means of sharing knowledge and educating.

...And it's your journey to go on

Every mentor and mentee relationship will be personal, as will the learning and development path you choose to embark on. From your first steps as a new grad, or as a seasoned veterinarian that wants to advance their clinical skills further, or a technician wanting to grow in role - the experience will be tailored to you.

"We are focused on elevating care and establishing the framework for fulfilling, productive careers"

- Andrew Moffatt - CEO/Founder