Laboratory Services

October 14, 2014
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If your pet is sick, blood work is one of the most vital diagnostics we have. It helps look at areas we cannot see or feel on examination. We therefore offer many options in regards to our lab services. Even well animals can benefit from blood work.

Did you know 1 in 10 animals under the age of 6 have a laboratory abnormality and no clinical signs? This increases to 1 in 5 for pets over 6 years of age. The sooner we detect any number of diseases, the greater the chance to provide a positive outcome.


We partner with Antech Diagnostics Laboratories to provide excellent laboratory services.

Through Antech we are able to provide: discounted wellness profiles, sick patient profiles, blood typing, clotting times, fecal testing, urine testing, cytology, biopsy (histopathology), unique disease testing and even exotic animal panels.

Through other labs we are also able to provide vaccination titers, bladder stone analysis and exotic disease testing services.


For those pets in need, we offer in-house diagnostics. This allows us to retrieve critical information and results in minutes.