What the... FVRCP?

June 6, 2017
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FVRCP, also known as the feline distemper vaccine, or the three-way vaccine, is an important core vaccine that all cats should be kept up to date on. It’s made up of three separate vaccinations, FVR (Feline Viral Rhinotracheitis), Calici, and Panleukopenia.

Do you know what your cat could be facing if not vaccinated?

Here are the most important reasons you should vaccinate your cat against these potentially fatal diseases:

FVR: caused by feline Herpes virus, this is an upper respiratory infection that is dangerous to kittens and older cats. FVR could potentially lead to permanent upper respiratory damage, which can create a lifetime of severe breathing issues for your poor kitty. It can also cause severe eye problems in cats too.

Calicivirus: another respiratory virus, it could lead to pneumonia, or even death if left untreated. This is passed from cat to cat or even through an infected item, especially if your pet shares the same food or water bowl with an infected cat.

Panleukopenia: also known as feline parvovirus or distemper, this is a very serious disease. It is similar to the canine Parvovirus, which is contagious as well as deadly. Over 90 % of kittens under 6 months of age with this virus sadly do not survive. In the mother’s womb kittens with Panleukopenia are most likely to be stillborn, or have abnormal brain development caused by this virus. Unfortunately, there is no specific treatment for this virus.

This could all be prevented just by keeping your pet up to date on the FVRCP vaccine. Prevention is the key to a healthy pet! The cost of vaccines are much lower than the cost of treatment of these diseases, as well as the life of your precious family member.

So remember the next time you are asked if you would like to vaccinate your cat for FVRCP: SAY YES!

By Michele Meyer, Client Service Representative, Alley Cat Small Animal Hospital