Why should I train my puppy? Tips for a well behaved dog.

January 2, 2014
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Everybody loves a new puppy. They’re cute, they’re cuddly and they give great kisses! Unfortunately, they can also be naughty little devils!

They chew up your favorite things, they use your best carpet for a toilet and they drive you nuts with their high energy levels! One thing that often gets forgotten when you get a new puppy is training! Training can prevent chewing, marking, excessive barking and jumping on people. Not to mention your veterinarian will appreciate it!

The best way to train your dog is to get them enrolled in a puppy training class.

Contrary to what many people believe, these classes do not train your dog for you! The class is meant to teach YOU how to train your puppy when you’re at home!  This way the dog learns how to be a good dog. They also learn that you are the master and that good behavior is a great way to please you.

One of the most important things to teach a puppy is that they are not the dominant animal in the “pack.” A dog that feels it is dominant over you or your family is going to take full advantage of the situation. They will “walk” all over you.

A dog that thinks it is above humans can also be a danger in the wrong situations. It is very important to teach your pet to respect you and listen to what you say, while also making sure they feel included in the family.

Another very important thing to teach a young dog is that it is okay to let people handle them and touch their heads, ears and feet. This will make your future visits to veterinary offices and groomers a much easier and less stressful event. All you need to do to accomplish this is to regularly play with their feet and toes, gently tug at the ears and look inside them to get the dog used to this type of stimuli.

Having friends and guests play with them in this manner is also helpful as it gets the dog used to new or strange people being close and friendly. Often times when your dog is scared or aggressive with new people it is only because they are only used to their owners.

A puppy or even a new adult dog is a great addition to a loving home. But there are many things to consider before making that kind of commitment. Always remember that you, as the owner of this animal, are everything to them.

You are responsible for making sure they have food, water, shelter, love and good medical care. Just like our children, we are also responsible for bringing them up to behave! Puppies need to be trained to behave in a way that will fit your lifestyle. So you get the most enjoyment (and as few headaches as possible) from your furry family members.

Thinking of getting a new puppy or dog? Or need help training your own dog? Contact your veterinarian for more tips and techniques to help develop a well-behaved dog!