The Great Chewing Debate

January 16, 2018
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What is the great chewing debate? Well, it's the long-running argument circling which chew toys are safe for your animal companions teeth.

At home dental care is important to keep your pet’s smile healthy and happy. With so many products on the market advertised as dental toys and treats, knowing which ones are appropriate for your pet will be key to your success in
providing proper dental care for your pet.

Every item on this list is designed to target either tartar, plaque, or both which makes them a great option for your pet.

Dental toys and treats safe for your pet:

  • C.E.T.® HEXtra® Rawhide Chews
  • Milk-Bone® Brushing Chews® Dental Treats
  • Hills® Prescription Diet® Dental Care Chews Dog Treats

The following products listed have been found to cause fractured teeth, and in the worst case, an obstruction. A great rule of thumb to follow is the nail-indent rule. Which means if you can’t push your nail into a toy or treat and leave an indentation, your pet’s teeth are more likely to break their tooth on it.

Dental toys and treats to avoid:

  • Real Bones
  • Pig Ears
  • Hooves
  • Antlers
  • Some Nylabones

Now, nothing is truly 100% safe, and that’s why it’s important to supervise your pet when your first give them a treat or toy to ensure they are not swallowing it whole or possibly choking on them.

For a complete list of dental products approved by the Veterinary Oral Health Council, visit

By Kim Lepon, Veterinary Assistant at Groveway Veterinary Hospital