Shelby - Hospital Manager

September 10, 2020
hello world!

Hello! My name is Shelby and I have the pleasure of managing both Groveway and Hill's Veterinary Hospitals. As a child, I was known for my love of animals. I always came home with some sort of creature hidden in my backpack. I even rescued a baby bird once during recess and tried to hide it away in my pencil box until school was over. Of course, my teacher heard the chirping and I had to let it go!

I come with a background in management, operations, and customer service. I have been in the animal care industry since 2011 and I have enjoyed every bit of it! I left the industry for about a year and decided to join the fashion industry. As much as I loved the creative aspect as well as traveling to different fashion shows, I missed my four-legged friends dearly. I am very excited to be back in this field!

Outside of caring for your furry loved ones, I spend most of my time with my little ones. I am the blended mother of 6 and a sushi connoisseur! I have an 11-year-old boy, a 5-year-old little girl, two black kittens Doja Cat, and Berlioz, two pups Leo, my sweet little Shitzu, and Falkor, my Great Pyrenees. I enjoy camping, hiking, and learning new songs on my Ukulele.

Every creature brought in to my hospitals is given the respect and loving care as though it were our own. We can’t wait to meet you and have you as apart of our family!