Selling your Hospital?

May 8, 2014
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There are lots of different reasons why veterinary hospital owners elect to sell their practice.  A few of the most common reasons are outlined below:

Running a small independent practice is all-consuming. Joining VetnCare gives vets time and freedom to enjoy other aspects of their lives, while maintaining your hospital's independence. We provide services in all areas of hospital administration, which means you can select the services you want us to provide, effectively customizing the role you play to meet your lifestyle needs.

In a small practice it’s not always easy to recruit someone who’ll be able to take over in the future. Being part of VetnCare gives vets access to a pool of talented colleagues, who could at some point take over your legacy. We support you and your hospital, until we find the perfect person to take on your pride and joy.

If you want to leave your practice in safe hands after you retire, VetnCare will retain the identity and strengths you built up. We carefully select a new owner who will fit in with your current team and respect your clients as you have done for all those years. And you can stay involved for as long as you like, with the flexibility required to enjoy retirement.

In the current economic climate it’s a real challenge for small practices to raise bank funding for new developments. Being part of VetnCare means you have the financial strength of a large, successful business behind you.

Vets become vets because they love to care for animals. Joining VetnCare gives vets the time and resources to do the job they trained for.

Being a vet in a small practice can be lonely. Joining VetnCare means being part of a large local community of likeminded people, and sharing in their pool of resources and knowledge.

We offer all our sellers:

  • A smooth, profitable and transparent sale
  • Operational support and expertise throughout the transition
  • A commission FREE sale - we are not brokers. Our goal is to support you and your practice until we can find another amazing veterinarian to take over your legacy. We support both parties through this transition.
  • Support of our experienced Human Resources, Financial, Legal, IT and Administrative departments.

For more information please contact Dr. Andrew Moffatt: [email protected]