Please Welcome the New Owners of Groveway

May 17, 2012
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Exciting news! Please welcome the new owners of Groveway - Dr Jerob Leaper and Dr Andrew Moffatt!

Having established GWVH in 1972, Dr. Russell Hackler has finally decided to pass his outstanding hospital onto two of his younger associates, Dr. Jerob Leaper and Dr. Andrew Moffatt.

Dr. Leaper has been with GWVH for 3 years and is known by many of you for his caring and comprehensive approach. Many of you have also met Dr. Moffatt, our resident Australian, who has been with Groveway for 4 months. Prior to arriving in the US, Dr Moffatt managed a number of large hospitals in England as Clinical Director and brings to the practice advance skills in ultrasound, exotic/avian medicine and surgery.