Meet the Team - Dana Atterbury, Lead Client Service Representative at Pinole Pet Hospital

September 17, 2014
hello world!

1.   Do you have any nicknames you would like to share?IMG_9127

Because my name is so short, I never really had a nickname!

2.   Where is your hometown?

Harrisville, MI

3.   How long have you worked at Pinole?

I worked at Pinole for 3 years before Dr. Juricek retired, so a total of 4 and a half years now.

4.   What is your favorite animal?

A dog

5.   What pets do you have?

3 dogs and 2 cats

6.   Describe yourself in 3 words:

Busy, Energetic, Loyal

7.   What would people be surprised to know about you?

That I was once the Queen of the Valhalla Playground!

8.   What is your favorite color?

It changes all the time – green is good now

9.   What is your favorite food?

My Dads spaghetti

10.What is your favorite Holiday and why?

Halloween – because it is just “spook-tacular” !

11.What are your aspirations?

To enjoy life with my children and family