Dr. Russell Hackler Memorial Fund

July 2, 2013
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RHMFAs most of you know, our beloved friend and colleague Dr. Russell Hackler passed away in November 2012.  Dr. Hackler was one of the most compassionate and caring members of our local veterinary community and always did everything he could to help any animal in need. We want to do our best to continue in this line of care for our furry, feathered and slithery friends, so we are here to treat and give compassionate care to every animal that comes through our doors.

Unfortunately, pet owners often run into sudden and unexpected emergencies that can be treated medically, but cannot be afforded financially. Many times a pet owner is left with a difficult decision when faced with these kinds of medical emergencies.

In response to this need and in the memory of our dear friend, we have created the “Dr. Russell Hackler Memorial Fund.” This program has been set up as a means to help pet owners afford some of these emergency medical situations, which come hand in hand with sometimes large treatment costs. Animals who are struck with sudden acute illnesses and severe traumatic injuries, such as being hit by cars, need our help, and we need your help as a community to make this supportive fund happen.

There are several ways to make donations, and every little helps. Any donations provided for these sick and dying animals will go directly towards paying for diagnostics, medications and treatments including emergency surgeries.  Donations can be made by cash, card or check and are welcome at any time.

Please call or drop in to Groveway Veterinary Hospital with any donations or questions.

RussDr. Russell Hackler remembered
Oct. 28, 1944 – Nov. 23,2012

After 40 years at Groveway Veterinary Hospital, Dr. Hackler, 68, lost his life in a plane accident on Friday, November 23rd 2012.

Dr. Hackler was a pillar of the Castro Valley community and an inspiration to the many Veterinarians and Technicians he worked with throughout his long and distinguished career. He was a remarkable man and everyone who had the pleasure of knowing him will understand the very big gap he will leave here at Groveway.

Dr. Hackler graduated as a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine from the University of Missouri in 1970. He began work at McClung Veterinary Hospital, Castro Valley, which was first established in 1933. He later bought the hospital from Dr. McClung and in 1974 moved the site to Grove Way and built Groveway Veterinary Hospital, as we know it today. In April 2012, Dr. Hackler passed on his wonderful practice to Dr. Leaper and Dr. Moffatt, but continued to help his long-standing and loyal clients for two days each week.

Dr. Hackler led a full life. Before he died he commented that he had done everything he wanted, had a wonderful family and no regrets whenever his time was up. We are only sorry that it came so soon. He had three passions; his family, his practice and flying. He left this earth in a quick and painless way doing what he loved so much.

“We must each lead a way of life with self-awareness and compassion, to do as much as we can. Then, whatever happens we will have no regrets.” ~Dalai Lama

Dr. Hackler had no regrets.

The thoughts of everyone involved at Groveway are with Dr. Hackler’s family and friends, and also with staff, past and present, and the generations of clients whose lives he touched. He made people feel like they were very special, when he was the special one.