Erika Gamez - Hospital Manager

August 31, 2021
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I have been taking care of animals since 2001 when my first job was working as a bather at a grooming salon. After being in the grooming business, I worked as a Veterinary Assistant at Terra Vista Animal Hospital. Since then, the bulk of my career has been in municipal animal sheltering as an Animal Care Supervisor for the Rancho Cucamonga Animal Shelter and as an Animal Shelter Manager for the Napa County Animal Shelter.

During my time in animal sheltering, I learned a lot about animal behavior and the importance of the human-animal bond. After having been in municipal sheltering for about 14 years, I decided I wanted to try working at an animal hospital again so here I am! I feel my background in animal rescue has allowed for me to better understand our community needs and how I can apply that to an animal hospital setting.

I share my home with my partner Carlos and our three dogs named Knuckles, Katfish and Rogue. Our two cats: Wolverine and Sabretooth and last but not least, our bearded dragon named Filbert, who loves to wear hats!