Meet our new Veterinarian: Dr. Stacey Carter

February 13, 2018
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My name is Dr. Stacey Carter and I grew up in rural Victoria, Australia.  It wasn’t unusual waking up to kangaroos in the backyard and having to wait for an echidna, wombat or wallaby to move off the driveway. I was surrounded by dogs, birds, rabbits, and horses growing up. I have always loved hanging out with animals and training them to do tricks.

"My proudest moment was teaching my pet bird to play fetch."

I always wanted to be a veterinarian. During school, I completed work experience at a veterinary hospital and I knew that this was the career for me.

My dream came true in December 2017, when I graduated from the University of Melbourne in Australia. I met my husband, Andrew, at college and he is now a software engineer. Shortly after we married, we decided we were ready for an overseas adventure. Together, we moved to California in January 2018 and quickly fell in love with the Bay Area and its beautiful scenery!

I love dogs and cats and have a special interest in birds, reptiles, and other exotic creatures. I was a member of our school reptile club and have worked at a variety of zoos in Australia, Africa, and Thailand. My other clinical interests include behavior and diagnostic imaging.

While I don’t have any pets in California (yet!), I enjoy regular Skype conversations with my talkative Quaker Parrot, JoJo. I'm always discovering new hobbies that I love. Currently, it’s knitting/sewing, dancing, hiking in the great outdoors and learning Mandarin!

I would love to talk to you about your pet and learn about the unique relationship you share with them. Most of all, it will be my honor to help you keep your furry, feathery or scaly family members happy and healthy!

Dr. Carter will be seeing appointments at Hill's Veterinary Hospital from Monday - Friday every week! Please call: (510) 881-5811 to schedule an appointment to meet her!