Dr. Samar Khan

June 25, 2021
hello world!

I grew up here in Fremont, and it is here, at a very young age, where I discovered my love for animals. The running joke in my family is that my journey to becoming a veterinarian started at age 3, when, upon being asked who my best friend at school was, I responded with “Herbert”: the class rabbit.

From then on I began exploring my passion for animals. I started working in vet clinics by age 14 so that by the time I applied to vet school I had clocked in around 900 hours of animal experience. I was accepted and eventually graduated from the University of Illinois School of Veterinary Medicine. During my time in vet school, I discovered my passion for small animal medicine, especially dermatology-based casework like otitis and allergic dermatitis.

Through vet school, I was able to work as a volunteer surgeon abroad in vaccine/spay/neuter clinics where I helped provide vet care to low-income areas in both Costa Rica and Greece. I also started dabbling in animal welfare activism as well. As a vet student, I visited Islamabad Zoo in Pakistan where I noticed a lot of animal neglect, including an elephant named Kaavan who was chained in the same spot for 28 years! I was shocked and wrote a petition for his release that surprisingly went viral with over 400,000 signatures. As a result of the collective effort of people from Pakistan and around the world, including singer Cher, Kaavan, and the other neglected animals of Islamabad zoo were allowed to depart from the zoo and I was able to assist as a veterinarian in their relocation to appropriate animal sanctuaries.

I am very excited to join Irvington Pet Hospital because the team's philosophy matches my own: to go above and beyond to ensure every animal receives compassionate healthcare of the highest quality.

Outside of work, I enjoy spending time with my Goldendoodle: Pi (like the number π , not the dessert!), practicing martial arts (I’m a navy belt in Tae Kwon Do!), and traveling (I’ve been to 20 countries and counting).

I’m looking forward to meeting with you and all your furry family members soon!