Dr. Ryan Elliott

November 30, 2015
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Dr. Ryan Elliott - Clinical DirectorMy journey to becoming a vet began in fifth grade, when our little dog was attacked and severely wounded by a larger neighbor dog, and our local veterinarian was able to save her life. I helped to nurse her back to health, and in high school I was fortunate to be able to work for the same vet.

In college I continued to work at both large and small animal veterinary clinics. I also had several other jobs before becoming a vet, including teaching college biology and zoology lab courses, working for the department of health as a clinical microbiologist, designing life-like animal organ models out of silicon for veterinary surgical training, and even bagging groceries at the supermarket to help pay for school!

After graduating from vet school, I completed a rotating internship with a focus in emergency medicine, and then practiced as an emergency veterinarian before joining Pinole Pet Hospital. I love working with dogs and cats, and I am keen to learn more about treating reptiles, birds, and small mammals, and to develop further skills in acupuncture, and other alternative medicine modalities.

I share my home with a Chihuahua, a Mexican hairless, a cat, 2 ball pythons, an Argentine horned frog, a tarantula, along with my partner and high school sweetheart who is completing her residency in “human” medicine. When not at work, I like to kayak and do crafty things like painting, drawing and sculpting.