Dr. Rachel Moulton

September 14, 2022
hello world!

Entering Tufts University in 1987, I wanted to be a physician. However, working at Harvard Medical School following graduation, I discovered my true calling after a chance meeting with a veterinarian. I moved from the East Coast to California to attend UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine in 1997. Afterward, the “call to service” was very loud in my ears, so I joined the United States Army Veterinary Corps in 2001, and served until 2009. I have been practicing in the great state of California ever since, making my home here in Oakland.  I have strong interests in prevention, internal medicine, and dermatology. I proudly self-identify as a nerd, crazy cat lady, and dog aficionado.

It is a privilege to care for beloved pets, and it is my goal to be a trusted partner in their care. I feel very honored to be a part of the Montclair Veterinary Hospital community and am pleased to continue to serve the folks in my neighborhood.