Dr. Mike Saksen

February 9, 2021
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Dr. Mike SaksenHello! I am very excited to be a part of the VetnCare team, supporting Veterinarians and their staff to create great outcomes for pets and their families. I am an East Coast native, and have lived all over the country, but I found my home in Northern California.

My journey in the veterinary profession is a little atypical; unlike most, it wasn’t until I graduated college that I knew I wanted to be a vet. I received a BS in Zoology from UC Santa Barbara in 2004, and was on my way to human medical school when I had a fateful epiphany. I was working at the Santa Barbara Zoo, and as a technician at a local hospital, and got to see the effect my effort had on the lives of my patients and the people that loved them. From there I was hooked. I worked as a technician in the Bay Area after graduation, and was accepted to vet school at UC Davis 2 years later. I graduated with my DVM from UCD in 2010.

After graduating vet school I completed an internship at LSU, and began practicing emergency medicine in Northern California. My desire to help as many patients as possible quickly propelled me into teaching and leadership positions where I could not only help pets thrive, but help Veterinarians excel. My interest in management further compelled me to pursue an MBA from University of North Dakota, which will be completed in 2021.

In my role as a Regional Clinical Director for VetnCare, I am able to put my energy, skills, and training to use developing and promoting comprehensive veterinary practices. Working with the VetnCare team, I help ensure clinical excellency, and staff development, so that we at Vetcare can continue to be leaders in caring for pets.

Outside of work, I have played hockey since childhood, and still play whenever I get a chance. I more recently took up golf, but the goal seems way too small to me. I have a lifelong obsession with fishing, and I get to share fishing trips with my wife Jessica, also a veterinarian. We also enjoy hiking, camping, and working on DIY projects together. We welcomed our first child, Cade, to the family in 2019. I have kept fish and various reptiles most of my life, and currently have a tank of African Cichlids. The Saksen family also includes a Great Dane mix named Lyra (who is the greatest dog on earth), and a mixed breed cat named Meatloaf (who is OK). I’d love to meet your pet family, so come see us at VetnCare!