Dr. Mark Banoub

April 16, 2021
hello world!

Hello! I was born and raised in Egypt. Since my early days, I realized the importance of science and developed a passion for animals watching the drawings of different species on the walls of the pharaonic temples. I learned how important it is to care for animals from the ancient scriptures. This inspired me to pursue a professional and effective way to make a difference in animal's lives.

I joined Veterinary School, graduating from Cairo University. I practiced for a few years in Egypt, where it was mixed practice between small and farm animals.

I later moved to Canada where I lived first in Montreal, which felt like living in Europe! I loved the old city and all the monuments. I speak a little French too “Je parle un peu Francais”, but the winter gets really cold!

I then moved to Vancouver in British Columbia where I spent most of my time in Canada. I practiced large and small animal medicine there. In BC I fell in love with nature, I loved the rain and enjoyed hiking. Grouse Mountain should be on your bucket list for sure!

I moved to the USA in 2018, where I lived in Reno, Nevada. I worked in both emergency medicine and general practice. Tahoe and Pyramid Lakes are two of my favorite destinations, where I spent most of my summers and winters too.

Moving to California to join VetnCare has been extremely exciting! I am so proud to join a group of Veterinary Hospitals that is owned and operated by Veterinarians and the first priority is compassionate, top-level medical care for pets.

I have a lot to explore around here, so you will likely find me on a trail to a hidden lake with my wife and little daughter!