Meet our new Veterinarian: Dr. Louis Roussille

February 15, 2018
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My name is Dr. Louis Roussille and my journey to becoming a veterinarian began when I was a toddler. I don’t remember the exact moment it started, but I’d like to think it was when I was napping in our doghouse under the watchful eye of the family dog.

"I spent my childhood trying to surround myself with a great number of creatures. Feathery, scaly, fluffy, big or small, I loved them all!"

Dr. Roussille with cat I was born in Bordeaux, France and since those early days, I have been a bit of globetrotter. My family moved to San Francisco in 2005 and I immediately fell in love with the Bay Area. I attended college in Canada and completed my veterinary training in Sydney, Australia. During my travels, I have also spent some time in East Africa and Southeast Asia.

I love working with dogs and cats, and I have a great passion for reptiles, birds and pocket pets. Developing my skills in exotic medicine and imaging is of great interest to me. I think the field of veterinary medicine is both rewarding and challenging.

I also think that as a veterinarian, I play an important role as custodian of the human-animal bond. This responsibility drives me to learn more every day, to offer my patients the very best standard of care.

I am currently living with my roommate and our two adorable feline overlords. I am also thinking of adding a third one to the family!

Dr. Roussille will be seeing appointments at both Groveway Veterinary Hospital and Pinole Pet Hospital! Please call us to schedule an appointment to meet him: Groveway, Castro Valley (510) 581-6629 or Pinole Pet, Pinole (510) 724-8766.