Meet our new Veterinarian: Dr. Amanda Mamo

February 13, 2018
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Ever since I can remember, I have had a strong passion to work with animals. After taking multiple science classes at the end of high school, I fell in love with biology. I pursued my interest by completing a Bachelor of Science majoring in Biology at the University of Windsor back home in Canada.

During my degree, I worked as a research assistant in a conservation ecology laboratory. I loved contributing to the field and wildlife preservation. However, I had a strong love of medicine and wanted to pursue my Veterinary dream.

I decided to attend Veterinary school in Australia, where I would have the opportunity to work with exotic wildlife. During my externships, I had the privilege to care for kangaroos injured in wildfires, nurse joeys separated from their mothers and relocate koalas to assist with their population. I found this very fulfilling and loved my time overseas.

Through my University of Melbourne connections, I found this fantastic position here in Napa and made the move in late January 2018. I feel at home and am in love with the beautiful hills of Napa!

"As a new graduate, I believe I have found the perfect place to grow as a Veterinarian."

My areas of passion are with internal medicine and emergency care. Apart from practicing veterinary medicine, I enjoy drawing, reading, running and hiking. I am really looking forward to traveling throughout California!

Dr. Mamo will be seeing appointments at California Pet Hospital from Monday – Friday every week! Please call: (707) 255-6832 to schedule an appointment to meet her!