Why does my pet keep scratching? Ditch That Itch!

June 20, 2018
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Did you ever wonder, why does my dog keep scratching so much? Especially if your pet is on a good flea medication? Did you know your dog can suffer from allergies? If these allergies go untreated for long they can lead to more serious problems such as skin infections, ear infections, and decreased quality of life. If you think this may be happening with your pet, ask your local veterinarian how to help your pet with these allergies. Now is the time to help your furry friend "Ditch That Itch".

There are now revolutionary medicines that can help your pet stop itching, such as “Apoquel” and “Cytopoint”. Ask your vet if this will work for your furry friends.

What are these medications and how do they work?


Apoquel is an oral medication. This pill helps stop itching at the source. Apoquel is fast acting and helps prevent the urge to itch for up to 24 hours. This medication is very safe, with little to no side effects. This medication can be used safely long-term to help your pet fight that itch.


Cytopoint is an injectable medication that helps prevent itching due to allergies. This medication can last anywhere from 4-8 weeks. Sometimes longer! Cytopoint is a “Biological Therapy" treatment. It was made with engineered antibodies that work with your pet's immune system. These antibodies help reduce scratching by stopping the itch before it starts. Cytopoint is naturally broken down by the body and then recycled, which makes this drug safe and effective for long-term use.

How are these drugs different from traditional medications used to help with allergies?

Traditional medications used to help fight allergies tend to consist of steroids. Steroids are not naturally broken down by the body. Instead, they tend to filter through major organs like the liver and kidneys. These steroids may cause many side effects, especially when used long term, such as development/worsening of infections, breaking down muscle mass, poor wound healing, and the possibility of developing Cushing's Disease, which is a hormonal imbalance.

So now what?

Next time you visit your Veterinarian, consider asking if either of these medications are right for your pet. Things to remember when considering Apoquel & Cytopoint for your pet are: both of these medications are far safer for your pet than the traditional medications used to help allergies. Apoquel and Cytopoint are effective and much safer for long-term use in your pet. Ask your Veterinarian which of these medications will best suit your pet’s life-style.

This will help your furry best friend ditch that annoying itch and live a happy and healthy life!