Daniel Gildea

June 1, 2021
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Daniel GildeaBusiness Operations Coordinator

Hello! I have been a Northern California native my whole life being born and raised in Lakeport, CA. I grew up in an area where everyone knew your name and you couldn't go one block without someone waving to say hello.

Fond memories of my childhood include spending time at my grandparents' house. Each visit was always an adventure getting to play with their goats or pigs and then back home to my cats and dog. When I wasn’t busy with that, time would be spent playing all sorts of sports or spending time out on our local lake.

After graduating high school, I attended UC Davis. During my time there, I found an interest in business management and operations. For close to 10 years, I gained management experience working for a big-box retailer where I gained knowledge in logistical operations and customer experience. It was during my time in those roles, that I learned how important it is to collaborate with not just your peers but also those in your industry to create unique and innovative solutions to maintain successful business operations.

Outside of work, most of my free time is spent completing projects around the house or doing small road trips to see family around Northern California. Always accompanying me on these trips are my wife, Marybel, our son, David, and our dog, Cassie. There is never a dull moment watching David and his “big sister” play tug-of-war and fetch with Cassie’s toys.

During my time at VetnCare, I have had the opportunity with a past role of Hospital Manager. My experience during that time has helped me understand the ever changing environment of being in VetMed and I look forward to using that experience to help in my current role as Business Operations Coordinator.