Clayton Rodgers

February 1, 2021
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Clayton RodgersPeople Operations Manager

Hello! I was born and raised in Northwest Arkansas and moved to California in 2016. I spent most of my childhood outdoors and I love spending time outside either hiking, backpacking or camping.

I attended University of the Ozarks where I received a BS in Psychology. I specifically studied Positive Psychology and did research on the happiness and wellbeing of people. This started me on my journey into Human Resources. In 2016, I attended Claremont Graduate University where I received a MS in Human Resources Management. Since then, I have been working in HR within many industries with a focus on bringing the best possible experience to all employees.

Outside of work you can find me honing my photography skills or planning my next outdoor trip. I also serve on the Board of Managers for the Point Bonita & Presidio YMCA where I am helping bring programs and services to the SF Bay Area Communities.