Cheyenne Hulsey

November 4, 2020
hello world!

Hello! I was born in Texas but was raised in the Bay Area so I am a little all over the place. When I was younger I spent my time watching tv, playing games, making mud pies and collecting rolly pollies with my brother. Funny thing is, I really do not like bugs! Growing up I was always around animals; from dogs and cats, to goats and chickens and that has always been something that makes me happy because I love animals!

As I got older my dream was to become a veterinarian, even in highschool I took a vet science class and was in FFA for 3 years because I knew animals were part of my future. After graduating high school and starting my first job in retail I started to realize what skill set I had. As I further progressed in the sales world I realized I wanted to get back to working in a position where my organizational performance could thrive! I found a job as a sales coordinator for a few hotels and was there for almost 3 years! It was a pet friendly hotel, so I got to see and spend time with dogs all the time, which made the job even better!

Now I work as the Admin Assistant for VetnCare where what I love and love to do are all together! When I'm not working I will spend my time with my cat, Mitsey, and my newly adopted dog, Chester! Sitting on the couch watching movies is our favorite pastime. If not that, then I'm in the kitchen baking and I promise the dog and cat don't help in the kitchen!