Candice - Hospital Manager

June 25, 2021
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Born and raised in East Side San Jose on a ranch in the foothills, I woke up every day and fed the chickens, chased the goats, and rode the horses. I knew from a very young age that animals would be my life and I would do whatever I could to ensure they were safe and cared for. I started working in the Veterinary field at a private practice back in 2007 and quickly knew that working in a medical capacity was my niche.

After about 13 years in the field, I decided it was time to expand my reach to other technicians and hospitals and came on board at VetnCare. My background is in management, shelter, and private practice medicine, and a love for mentoring and coaching a team.

When I am not working, I am snuggling with my furry littles at home. I have my three cats: Mamas, Eddie, and Bailey, and the love of my life Cody, my corgi mix old man. I enjoy listening to Crime Junkies podcasts, reading some kind of fantasy/sci-fi novel, and online shopping.

While I have failed miserably at keeping my plants and garden alive, I pride myself in ensuring my hospital team is skilled and knowledgeable in providing the best possible care for your furry loved ones. We at the VetnCare Alameda Hospital are very excited to meet you and can’t wait for you to join our family!