Brittany - Hospital Manager

September 8, 2020
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Hi! My name is Brittany DeBlasio. I am the Hospital Manager supporting both Irvington Pet Hospital and Ardenwood Pet Hospital in Fremont.

I’ve had the privilege of working in the veterinary field for nearly 10 years. My career journey began in New York City, where I was born and raised. I attended SUNY Oneonta in upstate NY, receiving a Bachelor’s in Biology for pre-veterinary studies along with a dual major in Philosophy.

Shortly after graduating, I decided to go on an unforgettable venture across the country - with my cat and dog of course - to California. During the past seven years, I’ve gained additional experience in the field strengthening my technical skills, customer relations, and eventually management which is my true passion.

I met my partner, Dr. Keith Harper, in a previous hospital four years ago. Our “zoo” consists of our 3-year-old daughter Mila Jade, 2 dogs (a golden retriever named Maya and a young husky named Tahoe Blu), 1 cat-dog named Marshall, our ball python named Banana Brucie, and a seven-foot boa constrictor who goes by Eduardo. Aside from motherhood, I appreciate the joys of gardening. photography, horseback riding, and hiking the outdoors with my family.

My love for the veterinary field has led me to VetnCare, a fantastic company that is growing due to its reputation and dedication to quality care. Irvington and Ardenwood Pet Hospitals are a part of that family. We are excited to continue the existing relationships with our clients and patients, as well as advance within the community.