What Being AAHA Accredited Means To Us

September 16, 2021
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We care about the veterinary profession, about excellent medicine, about pets and their people. We care about high standards of care and service, to ensure our team is united in a common goal and our patients and pet parents experience better outcomes. We care about veterinary professional wellbeing, so our team thrives in a high-performing, happy practice. We care about providing the resources you need to care for your pets to the best of your abilities.

We care, and we know you care too. That’s why you chose to join an AAHA-accredited hospital. Because only the best will do for your pets.

We have been evaluated on more than 900 standards that directly correlate to the quality of care we provide to your pets. Only the top 15% of veterinary hospitals in the US and Canada have been awarded this prestigious accreditation. AAHA sets the standard of excellence in veterinary medicine.

85% of pet owners would choose an AAHA-accredited hospital over a non-accredited hospital.

63% of pet owners drive further to visit their AAHA-accredited hospital.

44% of pet owners look for the AAHA mark of accreditation before contacting a hospital.

What does our AAHA accreditation mean to us? 

It makes a difference—in the level of care we provide to our patients, in the service we provide to our pet parents, and in the environment it fosters at our hospital. In short, we hold ourselves to a higher standard, in every regard.

Your pets are our passion and keeping them happy and healthy is our #1 priority, because they deserve nothing less.

To learn more about what AAHA means for you and your pet, click here.