10 signs of oral pain in pets

January 30, 2018
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How can you tell if your dog or cat is experiencing oral pain? Dogs and cats are stoic creatures and often hide discomfort and pain from their owners.

To know if your pet is experiencing oral discomfort, look out for these 10 signs of oral pain in pets:

  1. Take a look inside your pet's mouth, if you can! You might find red, swollen, or bleeding gums and a lot of yellow or brown build up on the teeth called calculus.
  2. Your dog or cat may also be drooling excessively.
  3. They may have a nasty smelling breath from bacteria or food stuck in their teeth.
  4. They may be experiencing a loss of appetite
  5. You may notice them displaying difficulty holding food or toys in their mouths.
  6. Some dogs or cats may not want to take part in play activities that involve their mouth, such as playing catch.
  7. When the dental disease is really advanced they may try to avoid having their heads touched. You may also notice that your pet's jaw will tremble with pain if you make contact with a sore spot.
  8. On the other hand, you could also see your pet rubbing his/her face on the floor or pawing at their mouths.
  9. They may not groom themselves as often, or stop completely, causing matting and poor coat condition.
  10. Swelling around the mouth reaching as far as the eye, could mean many things, including an abscess from a tooth infection.

If you notice any of these signs or are concerned about your pet's dental health, please call us. Taking your pet to regular veterinary visits allows us to assess your pet's mouth and help you identify these symptoms early on. We recommend dental check-ups annually to ensure your pets are living a happy and healthy life!

February is Pet Dental Health Month! Our pets need dentals too!

What better time to schedule your pets dental? Call your nearest hospital to make an appointment today!